Monday, October 09, 2006


Tonight's (in fact today's..its 3.40am) fun ! I'd like to make a tut. of this...I've saved all the stages from the begining..nope, im not going to teach how to draw LOL ...i just wanted to share the process..and my working process is soo weird :p will post as a gif very soon..for the time is the KING !


yo said...

hi shyam how r u? how can i forget .ur blog is inspiration for me .rupesh also told about u.where r u working nowdays.i m working in Mauj. here i m doing preproduction work & animation for music viideos.we r on preproduction stage with 2-3 big concepts.keep bloging,thanks for comment

Gulzar said...

Phew! whose the "KING" if I may ask humbly sire? ;p
at last a tut from ur side...anticipating to see that...