Sunday, January 28, 2007

Self Portrait 04

Oil paint after AGES (6-7 yrs.)
I'm not happy with the anatomy(as usual) but im really happy because, finally I started working with OILS AGAIN !!
Here is the bigger version if anyone interested -- Bigger version


vikrant said...

hey shyam..nice to see your work in oils.very sweet colors.i think image is not properly scanned.anyways..... i was looking for u on tantra forum but site will not work for three more days.see u soon on all new updated tantra.

chandrakant said...

baki kahi aso sham kalakaracha samadhan kadhi hot ast ka....pan tari 1 sangto ji color scim ghetli aahes ti keval aprtimch ahe...tu saprdhantna aata tuzhi portrait takaylach havis asa mala mala tari manapasna vthta...tulach kalel ki tuzha kam lokana kithi bhavta e.....good luck

shyam shriram deshpande said...

Thanx Vikrant & Chandrakant..I will post more Traditional stuff soon.
Sorry the pic is taken by my mobile cam. right now the painting is wet..will scan it as soon as it gets dry and will post it again.