Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Alchemy + photoshop fun :)


noise from future said...

thats really warm and fresh.
ive been following yor blog for a long while..eversince shriya ( iridyse) refered to me about you.
sad that we couldnt meet ..since we were working at the same premises at bangalore.( i waS in the theme park team)..

your style is really evolving and its happeneing fast..congrats.
came to know from rishi that you are at LUCAS


how and when was that?
i would like to hear about it all..did you apply or how..
its my dream even ..and i wud like to know if they are taking in..

meanwhile it would be my pleasure to take you to my sketchthread at conceptart
this is the link
and dont miss the section where IRIDYSE speaks about the similiarity with your work..man you are far ahead for sure!!

there are about 5 pages.

do let know what you feel and if im worthy enuf to apply there.

wud be great to hear from you.
pls do write

call me NOIZZ.


noise from future said...

Hi Shyam,

That was a quick reply ..and thanks for the comments and motivation.
indeed it would be really great to know if they are taking people in the gaming section..
i checked the site..
but there is no such opening that came to my notice..

is it worthwhile to apply ..still?
did you showcase the same stuff that you have in your blog or something totally different..?
how many works did you show..?
do you have your ILM portfolio online or can i see it..?

no i dont think its luck but destiny that bought you in..hey you are now a jedi..

do they encourage portfolios to sections not shown in the job listing..?

it would be really helpful if you can find some information.
meanwhile can i have your email?
hope you have my email .. its in the previous post..

thank you shyam for your helping hand..
that was really helpful indeed..looking forward for an answer...best of luck