Friday, April 02, 2010

Watercolor - 06

One more disaster @ Botanic Gardens!

Burnt Sienna & Cobalt Blue Hue.
I was really confused while doing this...wasnt sure where to use blue and where to use brown..would love to hear some suggestions :)


SandSekh said...

If this is what you call disaster, u obviously haven't seen my watercolor efforts ...
Beautiful values as always, will leave the critic/suggestion part to watercolor enthusiastic/masters.

Veerendra said...

really good one .. background tones are going great ..
if your subject is central tree then why didn't you composed it prominently? what I mean to say is.. it should be on slight right and in close up.
so your subject will be clear..

just my two cents ;)
and please stop calling them disasters ..

vinayak kurne said...

Nice!!!parat try kar....same colors....)

Ganesh Kotale said...

good work,shyam